Influencer Campaigns With Guaranteed Results

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Scalable Influencer Marketing Solutions For Your Brand

Test and Scale Fast with PAR

We find the right audience for your brand & budget

PAR analyzes thousands of campaigns and chooses the best Influencers for your brand

Anticipate Revenue Through Guaranteed Exposure

Ditch the Guesswork!

See exactly what you pay and what you’ll get with our transparent model

Ensure Successful Campaigns

Using our viewabilty technology to ensure your brand is seen by the right people in the best way

Why we do what we do

Mastering the art of bringing Brands and Influencers closer together

Built by Advertising and Influencers – Together!

The Problem

Influencers and marketers need a reliable partnership to drive sustainable growth

The Solution

A platform built by digital media, and content creation experts that benefits both brands and influencers

Lose Sight Of The Ultimate Goal

Here are some frequently asked questions

Can I whitelist the Influencers for my campaign?

100%! We keep bringing you Influencers that fit your target audience

How many Influencers will there be in my campaign?

There is no set number of Influencers used, rather we optimize for relevancy and performance needs

What fraud prevention measures do you have in place?

Our technology validates in demo impressions, filtering fraudulent impressions

Do you guarantee the campaign results?

We do! You no longer need to pay high rates for one Influencer and hope for the best. With PAR your campaign runs across multiple whitelisted creators to reach your desired reach

Can I use the content created by Influencers on my channels?

In most cases you will be able to use the content on your social channels. We also grant advertisers the right for custom content at a premium!